Tips for Outsourcing Work on the Internet

When you think of “outsourcing,” you probably immediately associate this practice with large international corporations.

However, even solo entrepreneurs or bloggers could potentially use outsourcing to help grow their business.

With the growth of online outsourcing marketplaces, you can find qualified professionals from all over the world to help you complete myriad business operations.

From content writing to secretarial duties, independent contracts can help utilise their skills and free your time up to focus on the managerial side of your business.

Popular websites to find freelance workers include the resources below, , giving you no shortage of options to choose from.



However, to make the most out of online outsourcing opportunities you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.


Determine What You Want

The first step towards outsourcing your work is determining what exactly you need to be outsourced. It’s helpful to think about the benefits of outsourcing and use these to your advantage.

This practice allows you to work with highly skilled professionals in their own industry, such as graphic designers, coders, and copywriters.

Be sure to narrow down what your end goal is for any project before you post a listing. If you are unable to define what it is that you want, you may end up unhappy with the results.



Write a Detailed Project Listing

To this end, you’ll need to draft a complete and detailed listing for your job or project. When outsourcing work, you won’t be hiring a full-time employee, but you’ll need to find someone who has the right experience.

The more specific you can be, the more likely that you’ll find a good fit. This will help narrow down your options.

Be sure to include relevant information including your budget and the timeframe you want the job completed in.


Open up Channels of Communication

The very nature of outsourcing means that you will need to be able to communicate with freelance workers who may be located on the other side of the world.

Although some outsourcing sites have messaging systems, you might want to speak over the phone or exchange business emails with your contractors as well. When you need to get in touch about a time-sensitive project, it’s still hard to beat a phone call.

You can reduce the cost of this by placing cheap calls to Pakistan with Lebara or other low-cost international carriers. Prepaid phone cards or VoIP programs can make calling India or Australia far more cost-effective.


Consider Asking for a Test Project

As you sift through your options, look carefully at work samples and portfolios. It’s also helpful to ask a new contractor to complete a small test project before they’re hired on for the larger project.

This could involve writing a sample piece of web copy for your site, or asking them to redesign a banner before they go on to redesign the whole site.

In addition to showcasing their skill, this trial period will help show you how communicative and reliable the worker is.


Put Your Terms in Writing

Once you’ve found the most qualified candidate to help you with your project, you’ll need to make sure that your terms and conditions are abundantly clear.

Write a detailed description of deadlines and payments in advance to avoid any confusion.

These tips will help ease the process of hiring freelance workers online. By using today’s multitude of outsourcing websites, you can not only reduce costs but free up your time as a business owner.


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