The Personality Types That’ll Help Your Business Succeed

Running a business can be difficult. But it’s even more challenging when you don’t have the right people around you. A business is nothing more than a collection of individuals with a common, shared goal. But if your team doesn’t come together, then that goal – whatever it is – is in jeopardy.

It’s a good idea to surround yourself with positive people who can help you lift yourself and your business out of a dark place, especially when business is bad. Top entrepreneurs know that having people around with skills that they lack is a good idea. So who’s missing at your business? Could you benefit from any of these personality types?


The Wise Counsellor

If you’re new to a field of entrepreneurial endeavor, there’s a good chance that you don’t know what you’re doing. Most entrepreneurs wing it, and many learn their trade by making mistakes along the way.

This is one of the reasons why everybody needs a wise counselor. A wise counselor is usually somebody who has been at the top of business or management for decades and understands how the process works. They just get it and know what to do in situations that seem unfamiliar. Many startups focus on only hiring millennials. But having a wiser, older person around can be a real lifesaver for those tricky situations.

The point of this particular personality type is to prevent the entrepreneur from making obvious, costly and time-consuming mistakes. It’s also to provide a kind of informal mentoring, especially when the going gets tough.


The Radical

Radicals are people who don’t accept existing systems. Instead, they attempt to break them down and reforge their own.

In the context business, this is somebody who likes to question all of your processes and make sure that they are absolutely necessary. If they’re not, then they don’t mind shutting them down and replacing them with something better and more innovative. They’re constantly testing and tweaking the system to make sure that everything is running perfectly smoothly and they never seem to lack the energy or the motivation to do it.

If your business is “innovative” or “paradigm-shifting”, then radicals are the type of personality that you want in your business.


The Academic

You don’t literally need to employ an academic from a university. You just need somebody who has a keen eye for detail and who is always reading up on the latest literature in the industry. The purpose of the academic is to keep the company moving forwards and to design processes to impress the customer. Often, it’s academics who are able to slightly tweak your customer service to dramatically improve it and have your customers coming back again and again.



Academics are also great people to rely upon if you need a report or a strategy writing. Their attention to detail almost guarantees that you’ll get something that is comprehensive.


The Salesman

To be successful, every business needs people who are able to sell, sell, sell. According to Portfolio Procurement, it’s essential to have the right salespeople on your team. Time and again, it’s the sellers who will ultimately win you your business and help you to sleep better at night. These are the people who will masterfully help you to increase your revenues and profits and grow your business in the long term. They are the people who will help customers see the benefits of buying your new product lines, and they’ll convince other businesses to work with you and buy your products.


The Poet

Is there somebody in your office who has a way with words? There should be: people who are great with words usually have an uncanny ability to motivate people and bring a team together. Their oral and written communication skills are second to none, and they use them to engage the rest of your team, providing them with aphorisms and setting them up for the day.

There are all sorts of ways to use poets in your organization. You could have then blog for you on your website, do public speaking events, edit your business’s written material or have them write an e-book for the rest of the industry.

It’s worth mentioning that in today’s world of digital marketing, it’s often the businesses that are able to create the most compelling and interesting digital content that win in the long term, especially in competitive fields. Thus, your business should never take its poets for granted. Instead, it should lever their talent and use it wherever possible. It’s very valuable.


The Empath

An empath is a person who immediately understands what another person is thinking and is able to adapt their behavior to match. This is obviously something that is important in social situations, but it’s also something that’s important in the world of business. Empaths have an ability to communicate with a diverse range of people inside and outside of your organization. As a result, they’re great as a bridge and excellent in one-on-one interactions. Empaths are the kind of people you want fronting your business, especially if you have to meet with clients or show new recruits the ropes.



Empaths are also hugely knowledgeable about the people they meet. They’re often able to remember people’s names, their preferences and what product or service they were interested in. As such, they can be a great resource for entrepreneurs who have other things on their mind.


The Life Of The Party

Finally, there are people who are the life of the party. These are the people at work who are constantly full of new and exciting ideas. Though they might not always put those ideas into action, they can act as a great catalyst to get your business thinking about new and interesting projects. People who fall into this category are also easily bored so keeping them on your team will be difficult. It’s a good idea, therefore, to put them in charge of research or marketing department where they can constantly experiment with new ideas. Clearly, they’re a valuable member of your team.


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