Stuck On The Web: Online Marketing For The Non-Digitally Savvy

Most of us know the importance of marketing online. However, not all of us are a dab hand with digital technology. As the internet continues to progress at a lightning rate, online marketing tactics are already starting to evolve fast. Here’s how you can keep up the pace without being too computer savvy.


Tackle your technophobia

You don’t have to be an expert on a PC, but if you’re avidly avoiding digital technology like the plague, it may be time to tackle your technophobia. The world is only going to become more and more digital – even farmers are using software and buying drones to monitor crops.

There’s no shame in taking a course or a workshop to improve your computer literacy. Alternatively, for those know the basics, there may be extra specific courses you may want to take, helping you to develop skills in WordPress, to understand Facebook or to get your head around email. All these are useful online marketing methods that don’t require being too tech savvy.


Building the basics

Every business needs a website. This should be your first point of call. You can build your own website for free without any coding knowledge at all. Platforms such as WordPress allow you to construct and customise your own website using easy drag-and-drop options. If this still sounds too daunting, you can still hire a programmer to set a website for you.

Social media should be your next move. Setting up a business page on Facebook and Twitter can help you to attract more of an online audience. There are many guides that can help you to set up business pages on these platforms.


Handing over the reins

Almost every online marketing method can be outsourced. If you’re clueless when it comes to Twitter and Facebook, why not hire a social media agency to do it all for you. As for your website, you may be able to pay a programmer to regularly update it for you if you have any seasonal deals or new content that you wish to advertise.

More advanced online marketing can also be advantageous and can be outsourced from most digital marketing companies. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a service that will get your website listed higher up on search engines such as Google – getting you more clicks. There are many specialist SEO companies out there.

You can also pay for online ads. Some companies will work on a pay-per-click scheme – your ads will run until a certain amount of people click on them. Other companies may run ads for a limited time.

You can also invest in analytics. Digital analysts are able to research your market for you using data from your website to determine who is visiting your website, their age, their gender, at what time and where they came from to get to your site. This can all be used to get a better idea of your audience and allow you to market more effectively.


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