Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for Any Business

These days, marketing your business through social media is hardly optional. Whether or not your company is on social media can make or break a customer’s decision to take their business to you. Taking a comprehensive approach to social media keeps your business actively engaged in the community, both within your industry and your local area.

Remember that social media is by its very nature, social, which means you should see it as another instrument you can use to provide sound customer service. Social media allows you to respond directly to customers through online reviews or comments on Twitter or Facebook. It also enables you to get creative and show your artistic side by posting photos of your business or products to Instagram, or to go live with a special event that’s happening in your community.

The levels of engagement that these platforms provide are endless and can increase your competitiveness within your industry.

The way that social media quickly evolves and advances might discourage you if you’re new to these platforms, but just remember that it’s doing so only to increase the ways you’re able to reach out to your customers. Still worried? Well just be aware of the tools that are available to boost your online profiles and maintain relevance on various channels. Managing your online reputation means managing a side of your business that can generate new revenue by opening up your brand to millions of people.

Here are a few quick tips to help improve your business through social media marketing in 2018:


  • Consider using a creative hashtag for your business or a promotional campaign you’re running

Using hashtags wisely helps to build your brand. If you can find a way to incorporate your business, content, or services with a hashtag that’s already trending or being frequently used, then you have the ability to showcase your business to new followers and therefore potential customers.


  • Create digital video content to share on various social media platforms.

The rise of businesses using digital video is more popular than ever before, and a great feature about many social media platforms is that they make it easy to post and share videos to your followers. Don’t let not having a fancy camera or editing software hold you back. Many mobile devices have the capability to make quality videos to show your services, products, or offer a behind-the-scenes look at your business.


  • Implement Facebook chatbot to quickly and easily interact with customers and answer questions about your business.

These days, it’s common practice for customers to try to contact businesses through social media to ask simple questions. If there are questions you receive from contacts frequently, a chatbot can help you streamline the process of answering common questions in very little time.


  • Create content for your customers that is relevant and relatable.

In all of these example, the main point to understand that it’s about building and nurturing a relationship between your business and your customers. With 24/7 access to the web, you have to make sure that the information you are putting out there is worth seeing. By doing so, you stand out in your field, and you show your customers that you care. Do you run a medical practice? Blog about advancements in your field or patient cases that stand out, while making sure you protect your patient’s privacy. It’s more likely than not that there is another patient out there who is dealing with the same issue, and can relate to the story you tell and even seek you out for your services. Put out the content that you yourself would want to read and know about any other business you’re considering working with.


The list goes on, but the significant takeaway is that social media is not going anywhere, and it’s nothing to fear. Social media is exactly what you as a business owner should want to master, because doing so will enhance your potential for prospects and revenue. If you already dabble in social media personally, then you already understand the importance of the content that you make available to the public and the type of impression that you illustrate. The same goes for business profiles on social media. Use these tools to your advantage to make the impression that leads to success.


This is a guest contribution by Justine Elena