Social Media Listening: How Does NetBase Help?

Social media listening is a very important part of the marketing process. Your company has an online presence, and you need to know how people perceive your company. Most businesses do not know precisely how people see them, but they know that these customers are posting positive and negative content throughout the day. The listening process helps you judge your overall image, and you can begin to work on your image using these reports. Read about how NetBase can make this an easy process for you. 


How Does NetBase Create Social Media Listening Reports?  

When you have NetBase working on social media listening, they will create a lot of reports that will explain what your current public perception is. There are several ways for you to ensure that you can change your public perception, but you need to know how many negative and positive comments there are first. Plus, you need to ask the NetBase team what they would do based on your results. 


What Do You Do About Negative Comments?  

Negative comments about your business will change your overall popularity score. The social media listening tools that NetBase uses will show you how many negative reviews there are, and you will learn what the comments are, where they are, and when they were posted. You can start with the customers at any time to change their minds, and you can improve upon your score because you are getting help from the NetBase team. 


How About Positive Marks?  

You want to see what the positive reviews were about so that you can understand what the prevailing sentiment about your company is. Someone who would like to get more positive marks will focus on the things that the customers like most, and you can begin to sell yourself as a company that will offer this level of service. Plus, you need to make sure that you have taken a look at what these positive comments say about your products, your people, and your facilities. 


Who Needs Social Media Listening?  

Social media monitoring or listening is something that every business can use. You are not exempt because you think your customers are happy. You must make sure that you have tried to improve upon your overall score, or you might find out that you are not perceived as positively as you thought. There are several instances in which your customers will need more customer care to raise your company score to an acceptable level. NetBase can tell you what to do, how much work is needed, and how many negative comments you need to address. 


This Is A Constant Process  

Businesses change all the time, and you need to get social listening done every week because you never know when your fortunes could change. NetBase can let you know what is going on with your business, where the negative comments are coming from, and how you can fix these problems. You might also want to run a counter-campaign that will help you to change your public perception. When you use social media listening to ensure that you are always ahead of the curve, you will be much happier with your growth and sales. 



A company that would like to improve its online perception needs to work with NetBase on listening to what people are saying about the business on social media. This process helps companies handle negative reviews and improve customer satisfaction. You can work with the NetBase team on what you think would be most important for you, and you also need to ask them to help with content creation and ads to support these efforts.