Small Business Tricks To Riding Out Financial Drought

There’s no better feeling than when our businesses are booming and we are reaping the rewards of our hard graft and careful planning. But where there are highs there will also be some lows, and none of us are devoid of suffering from the odd moment where finances seem to dry up and panic sets in as we face financial uncertainty.

However there are many ways to fight the financial droughts all businesses go through from time to time. Here are our small business tricks for fighting against those tougher moments so that we come out the other side, stronger and more efficient than ever.


Time is of the Essence

It’s totally natural to want to bury our head in the sand when facing financial difficulty in our businesses, but now is not the time to procrastinate. By wasting time worrying and doing little else we lose valuable time to find solutions to the problem. We need to take action immediately and focus on the problem at hand. So get a good night’s rest then get back to the office feeling fresh, alert and ready to get planning and take appropriate action.


Loan Options

The loan options available to small business owners now are plentiful and varied. Depending on the individual needs of your company you should be able to find an option that best suits you. Shop around and research the best options for you and the most competitive packages available to pull you through difficult moment. Companies such as Swift Financial Corporation have a great product called ‘Loan Builder’ which allows business to customise and create their own loan package and repayment scheme so there is a lot of financial support available out there. You just need to put in some time to find the right company and the right package for you.


Look into Cut Backs

One of the first things you should do is look into your fixed and variable outgoings and see where you can cut back. Looking at large expenses, such as travelling, should be the first area to look at to see where you can chop away at your outgoings. Do all your staff need to be travelling to see clients face to face, how much can be done via telephone conferences and video calls?

Fixed costs are much more difficult to cut back on, but it’s still possible. Looking at your current service providers and seeing what more cost-effective packages are available out there could shave some money off your monthly outgoings so it’s worth putting some research into these areas also.

This also means looking at ways you can cut back in your personal life. It may sound drastic, but looking at ways of not spending so frivolously can make sure you are keeping those purse strings suitably tight for the time being. Cutting back on meals out, instead creating fun family nights in. Going for walks in the countryside or a family bike ride rather than doling out for expensive day trips to the zoo or a theatre show. Thinking of little ways you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends on the cheap will help you feel more calm that you have a handle on the outgoings in your personal life also.


Get Planning

As stated above, this is the time to take action and plan, plan, plan. Pulling together your team and putting creative strategies and interesting campaigns together to try and give your business that all important boost is incredibly important in moment like these.

Get researching how other companies, such as yours, have recovered from times of financial insecurity and take inspiration from success stories that you think could work for yours. There has never been so much support, advise and help available to business owners, with online forums, websites providing help, blogs providing actionable action lists. You don’t need to feel alone in times of struggle. Reach out to other business owners that have been in your situation and read up on things you can do to improve your situation.


Look After Yourself

There are few things more stressful in life than worrying about the future of your business. It times like these there’s a natural tendency to forget our own needs and let ourselves give into the stress of the situation. This is the worst thing that we can do as we face the possibility of making ourselves ill and that’s when it all really unravels. So making sure you are looking after yourself, eating well and getting a solid night’s sleep is crucial to ensuring you are fit and healthy enough to fight your situation and turn it around. With dedication, careful planning and strategic action, and a positive outlook, you can come out the other side wiser and even stronger than before.


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