Save Money on Online File Storage and Access Your Data from Anywhere

There is no need to add one more bill to your monthly line up in the form of payment for an online storage hub, at least not in the midst of all of the myriad free services that are now available to anyone who signs up.

Those who want to ensure that their digital data is accessible from anywhere or who want to protect their information from the pesky eyes of virtual hackers or the chance of physical ruin through a stolen computer or corrupted hard drive will be pleased to know that free data storage is now a common thing.

Depending on how much digital data you have to put in storage, you will be able to find online cloud storage for your information either for free or for a very low cost.

Luckily, many of the completely free services also come with a hefty number of perks and extras at no expense to you, such as the ability to share files from your online cloud, the capability to do automatic backups, and the assurance of guaranteed data protection without danger of viruses or bugs.


Free Online Storage Services

One of the first services you may want to consider when hunting for a spot to store your files is Google Drive.

This service if offered by Google and with a free account, you get 15 GB to use right away.

GoogleDrive can store up to thousands of music files or photo files with no problem, and is fairly user friendly and easy to use by simply uploading the documents that you wish to store and gain access to from any web accessible device.

Plus, the free service will automatically sync your stored files between devices, so that both your mobile phone and your laptop computer, for example, may be able to have access to the same files without having to go through the upload process on both devices.



Bringing the Office Everywhere with You

For business persons who frequently find themselves viewing and editing documents that are in the formats of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote programs, GoogleDrive is the perfect web based tool.

Documents in any of those formats are viewable right within your computer browser through the GoogleDrive platform, which means that even if you are using somebody else’s computer that does not have Microsoft Word, for example, installed on it, you can still have the capability to open and edit one of your Word documents.

Your professional functionality and work ability is now enabled from anywhere in the world, and there is nothing to stop you from working where and when you want without being tethered by access to certain business softwares.


What About Mac Users?

Those loyal Apple fans out there are not to worry. There is, in fact, a Mac version of GoogleDrive that is compatible with the alternative operating system.

In addition, it can be accessed via any electronic device that you have, not just your computer, with the advent of mobile phone apps and platforms for GoogleDrive for iPhones, iPads, Android based devices, and Windows phone devices. Sharing files from any of these locations is a cinch, whether your friends own a Mac or Windows based device.

The apps are compatible across every common platform and make it an easy task to protect and secure your files no matter what happens to your device, whether fire, flood or theft.


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