5 Tips To Furnish The Office Efficiently

The office is the first business card of your company, so it is indeed important to receive customers and suppliers in a comfortable and functional environment.

Formal acceptance means presenting well to potential customers.

Comfort and functionality of the furnishings are obviously some of the most important points to satisfy: working comfortably, as well as for the collaborators, will allow you to concentrate on work.

The multiple design solutions, from the desks to the chairs, from the armchairs to the wardrobes, from the bookcases to the partition walls, and to the furnishing accessories, will create the perfect working space.

So, let’s see five tips to furnish your office efficiently.


1. Office desks

The piece from which to start the composition of the office furniture is undoubtedly the desk.

If an environment is intended to house more than one workstation, it is important to carefully examine the choice of shape and size, which should not be impressive.

Glass and wood will be the two materials to choose from according to your needs and personal tastes.

The desk must first be practical. You will choose the model according to your working needs.

A desktop computer and related technological accessories, the space to place papers, documents and folders.

Height is a factor to consider.


2. Office chairs

Spending most of the hours seated, the chairs must be ergonomic and adjustable.

The chairs are available in the version with low back, high and high with headrest.

It is important to choose desk chairs made of breathable fabric, to avoid excessive sweating of the back.

Some models are also equipped with a seat depth adjustment mechanism for a personalized and ergonomic posture.


3. Office lighting

The office must be adequately illuminated to ensure good visibility for those who work.

In an office there must be no blinding lights, which would cause discomfort and discomfort.

But at the same time, lighting should not be scarce, to prevent the eyes from getting tired, with consequences not just on work productivity.

Look at SunPan.com for many lighting options available, from ceiling light to desk lamps, to different kind of chandeliers.

Remember to not lose sight of the importance of natural light, to be carefully evaluated before choosing where to allocate the light points, so that it can be exploited to the fullest.

In the same way we must not forget any darkening systems to prevent too much light from causing glare and reflections.

Choosing the right color temperature for the lights is important for the quality of the environment.

In principle, it is advisable to choose lighting that is comfortable and at the same time satisfies energy savings.


4. Useful accessories

Having the documents necessary for the best performance of the tasks at hand requires order.

Here that document and file holders, easily storable on shelves or in wardrobes, will make the work easier.

Clearly visible labels placed on the back will make it immediately recognizable where to look.

During the day, the basket, in metal or plastic, will be practical for throwing paperwork, freeing the table from what is no longer necessary.

One or more drawers, on the sides of the desk, will contain documents, books, as well as spare stationery.

The models with castors are preferred, making it easy to transport them to different rooms.

Comfortable and practical hangers cannot be missing for employees and guests.


5. Recreation space

The relaxation space inside the office is a place to relax the mind, exchanging a few words with a colleague to browse a magazine.

It is the area that allows you to find the energy to continue the rest of the work day.

Armchairs and sofas should be welcoming: classic or modern, soft or gaudy colors, the important thing is to help relax. Click here to get an idea on which one you should choose.

A low table, where to place a glass, coffee or simply the smartphone, will be the right element.

Arranging a magazine rack or a bookcase is an opportunity to comfortably provide newspapers, magazines and books to browse or consult when relaxing.

In this way, one could then easily tidy up at the end of the day.