Using Instagram for Business: 3 Visual Marketing Tactics

Are you using Instagram for promoting your business?

As a social media platform that focuses solely on pictures, one of the biggest attractions is the ability to add a variety of filters to the image enhancing its appearance.

Millions of users upload pictures daily and the hashtag phenomenon that took over Twitter is also widespread on Instagram.

Users are able to track their favourite subject or topic and even compete for the most aesthetically pleasing picture.

Instagram also uses the @ theme for mentioning other users and the ability to share to Twitter, makes it simple to merge between the two.

Other platforms that images can be shared on include Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and FourSquare making it one of the more versatile platforms, despite its seemingly limited subject matter.

Businesses aspiring to utilise Instagram to its full potential should fully consider its capability for promotion. Relaxed spam settings allow businesses and individuals a lot of freedom to employ some blatant advertising.

Pictures of the product or service you offer in practice could quickly become viral if you market your Instagram campaign successfully.

Here are three reasons that Instagram has marketing influence.

User Participation

Running a campaign for users to upload pictures of themselves using your product gets your clients to do your marketing for you.

Human input is one of the most respected and influential ways of proving your value to an industry.

A campaign asking your followers to a picture of themselves using your product in the most inventive way could not only have a large amount of engagement but will also draw in potential customers.

Instagram is a continuous feed of photos and a great visual tool for your marketing campaign.



Hashtag Incorporation

Twitter has already proved the value of using a hashtag marketing campaign. Countless businesses have run entire campaigns around them and utilise the engagement it receives from users.

Since Instagram’s inclusion of the hashtag feature, the sharing function allows shrewd companies to merge their campaign across the two platforms.

This enables you to promote your new Instagram campaign on Twitter and vice versa.

Cadbury’s Crème Egg’s trademark slogan #HowDoYouEatYours was an obvious Twitter hashtag campaign but when they took the same approach to Instagram, they received even more engagement from users uploading pictures of varying hilarity.

The element of competition among users vying to get the best snap, drives the campaign on with little effort required from your marketing team.

Get your audience to do the work for you.


Promotional Gifts

Instagram can be used to run campaigns distributing promotional gifts to users that engage with you, in turn encouraging more users to engage.

By uploading a picture of the promotional stock branded with your business you can tag it with the increasingly searched for hashtags: #Competition and #Win to increase your brands visibility to potential clients.

This is widely received by users, they are more likely to want something if they can see it.

One of the most successful promotional gift campaigns on Instagram was from paper company RAW, who asked users to upload pictures of themselves using RAW paper as inventively as possible.

Winners were sent various promotional gifts and then asked to upload pictures of themselves with these gifts afterwards.


Instagram is the next step for many businesses that are looking to keep up with the ever expanding social media world.

Its users are attentive and there is a much higher ratio of engagement than its competitors, largely because of its specificity to pictures.

The ease of cross platform communication, such as sharing a picture to a tweet, gives you the best of both worlds enhancing and broaden your marketing efforts with the click of a button.

Make your marketing campaign picture perfect with Instagram.


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