Improving Positive Staff Communication Within Your Business Using These Effective Steps

If you’re the manager of a business and you’re looking for the best way to increase your efficiency or overall sales targets for your shareholders, you might not need to be as drastic in the methods you employ as you think. In fact, some simple solutions that benefit the psychological meshing of your employees could be all that’s needed.

When people talk together and communicate with each other well, they’re likely to work better together. Taking the time to improve the office relationships will also improve the working atmosphere. As a consequence, your employee satisfaction will be on the up.

It’s impossible to force people to be friends, but it is possible to help facilitate the process that leads to people becoming friends. This list will help you do just that.


Office Layout

If your employees are separated and left to focus on their own thing, they’re unlikely to gel together well. It’s important to allow them to balance focusing and socializing while at work. If your office environment is drab, bringing in some modern office furniture and bright new color schemes will psychologically boost the ‘energy of the room,’ for your employees. Allowing them to see each other is the first step in a happy, communicative workforce.


Incentivise Communication

In order to get people working together, sometimes you have to make the first step. Incentivising communication between people could be the first step. You could do this by adopting an ‘employee team of the month’ award that’s displayed in the office. Instead of only celebrating one person, celebrating a team of people who have outdone themselves recently collaborating to solve a problem will let your employees know you care about their work relationships.

You could also promote a ‘positive feedback’ box, a place where every Friday, employees are offered the optional task of writing positive feedback about someone in the office they’ve had good relations with during the past week and have been impressed by their working attitude. Incentivize leaving feedback with a treat from the local bakery. It might be a dirty trick, but you’d be welcome how happily a glazed donut goes down on a busy Friday. Use this anonymous information to promote the people who have received good feedback at the end of the week, and reward them accordingly. This will encourage your employees to be good to each other, and be mindful of the working considerations of others.


Team Building Activities

There’s a reason corporate team building activities are so universally applied in the world of business. Put simply, it works. Just like a good date, a positive relationship is formed when the experience is worth talking about. Take them on an adventure, like canoeing, white water rafting, or a nature assault course. Keep in mind the health considerations of your employees, and adjust accordingly so no one is left out.

This will give the chance for your employees to know and care about each other outside of the working environment. As an employee, it’s easy to see your coworkers only for their ‘working persona,’ instead of seeing them as a real, emotion-filled human being. Promote this second perception as a boss, and watch your employees relationship blossom.


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