How to Write High Quality Content in 7 Steps

Creating high quality content is one of the most important factor to consider when writing new blog posts.

May be the most important one, if we refer to recent changes on how Google categorize the web and relative SERP (search engine result page).

In essence, the content is of quality if it is relevant to the topics in your niche, whether it is original and if it is useful to your visitors.

When you start a blog and everytime you write a new post, you should ask yourself : “How can I create quality content?”

Here below some suggestions that you should follow.


1 . Write only if you are going to say something really useful

Especially on the web, write only if you have something valuable to offer to your readers, they must have an interest in what you write.

Otherwise, you run the risk of increasing the level of online information pollution.


2 . Be Original

Do not copy.

This is may be the most important suggestion to follow when you have to create content. You can take inspiration from other websites, but do not just copy. Be aware that duplicate content is strongly penalized by search engines.

In your opinion : “Is it better bad content, but original or good content, but copied?

I think the right answer is write good content, AND original.


3 . Write correctly in your language

Use a simple style, possibly short sentences and easy words to understand. No errors in spelling, grammar and syntax. The quality content can not afford it.


4. Balance text and images

Web pages of words alone are likely to create the effect of a text wall and in contrast, image-only pages have little meaning.

Therefore, scales text and images in your content. Use pictures to make the text clearer. Use text to add detail to your images.

5 . Integrate with Social Sharing Buttons

Your content should be shared on major social networks used by users in your niche.

Nowadays, it is essential that an online marketing campaign also includes the most important social networks.

I use “Shareaholic” Plugin, but you can choose between many others.


6 . Optimize the web page from the SEO side

Optimize the title tag, H1 tag, description tag, keywords tag and consider what other on-page SEO optimization are necessary because your content is quality even from that point of view.


7 . Before publish the post, read it again

When you have finished to write, read it again. Verify that there are no spelling mistakes.

Writing is like a workout, you can improve yourself with time.


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