How To Select An SEO Company Which Will Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Hiring an SEO company is a significant expense, but you’ll see an excellent return on your investment. You want to hire the right company to get the most for your money. SEO has the highest ROI since you’ll continue to see more traffic long after your SEO campaign ends. It’s a long-term strategy no brand can afford to ignore.  


What is SEO?  

Search engines list organic results (not paid ads) by how relevant they believe the sites are to a user’s query. They determine relevance by the site’s content and the site’s popularity. Search engines judge a site’s popularity by how many people are talking about the site and recommending it by linking to it. SEO is continually changing; a reliable SEO company will keep up with the changes and always use best practices.  


Why is SEO Important?  

Over 90 percent of the people who search for something on Google never bother to look beyond page one. The top result gets 33 percent on the traffic and the second listing gets 18 percent. The search engine is so good at determining what people want that a person finds what they want right away. A good SEO agency will ensure the traffic you get is from people using search terms indicating they are ready to convert or buy. The more free traffic you receive from Google, the more your revenue will increase.  


How Long Does SEO Take to Work?  

When you consult an SEO company, they will audit your site and give you an estimate of how long it will take to see results. Normally, it takes three to six months to see results but the time can vary greatly depending on work already completed, your existing content and how competitive it is in your niche. 


Questions to Ask An SEO Agency  

Ask how they plan to help your site rank higher. This will depend on what they found in the audit, so they cannot give you answers without examining your site. A reputable agency will explain what they will do and what it will cost you. You want to ensure they use ethical tactics so you don’t receive a penalty from Google.  

Ask what the company will expect of you. Are you expected to write articles and blog posts or provide images? If you need videos for your website, do they have production facilities or can they arrange for one of their partners to complete the work?  

Will they create content to match your goals? Most brands want to make more sales, but they also want people to sign up for their newsletter or request a free trial. Content should capture users when they want more information and when they are ready to buy. Since Google’s AI understands user intent, your SEO company should develop various types of content to attract consumers at various stages of the sales funnel.  

How often will I get a report? You should receive a report regularly detailing what the company has done and how it is affecting your position in the search results.  

Do you have other skills beyond SEO? If you need reputation management, digital marketing services or social media marketing, it is easier to have these done by the same company. You’ll have a consistent message in all your communications.  

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