How to Find a Brand Name for Your Online Business

When it comes to choosing a brand name for your online business, finding the right words can be difficult.

When somebody lands on your website, they need to identify with you within a matter of seconds, or they will quite simply click to go elsewhere.

Branding can be complex, finding the right colour scheme, graphics, and logo design can take time to perfect, but finding a catchy name in itself is the first place to start developing that all important brand.

A brand name should be a collaboration of a few principles; it should be memorable, simple and functional.

If you devote a good amount of time and research to consider a strong brand name, abiding by these principles, you will find the perfect word(s) that will not only inform, but attract consumer’s attention long enough, that you encourage them to trust you, leading to those vital sales.


Make it Memorable

Fundamentally you want a name that lingers in a consumer’s mind.

It’s easy to jump here there and everywhere when shopping online, but with a catchy, memorable name, customers are more likely to remember you and make return visits.

There is no point choosing a brand name which is just like all the others or generic in nature; or consumers will simply forget you.

Crafting words is an important element to picking a brand name.  To distort and combine different words into one simple word is known as ‘coined words’.

All words carry weight in the form of connotations; what the consumer already associates with it. So, by analysing different words and their syllables you can start to craft your own word which carries the power of pre-determined association. Examples include:,, and

A company has to make sure that their brand name engages a consumer; keeping them thinking.

When shopping online, what is read and shown on your website is all a customer has to judge whether they want to make a purchase with you or not.

You are not there in person to sell yourself, so your branding efforts must speak favourably on your behalf.


Keep it Simple

Not all people are super smart. So, there is no point picking a brand name that is too long or hard to pronounce.

Remember; people will easily forget a name that is too complex. This is the principle you should definitely not breeze over when it comes to picking a brand name.

You want to be recommended by your customers to others, if they can’t remember your name or pronounce it, it will only make it harder for your reputation to spread.

The phrase ‘less is more’ couldn’t apply more here.

Why do you think some brand names are acronyms?

From a consumers point of view an acronym is far easier to remember than a mouthful of complex words for example (As Seen on Screen).  All in all, if your brand name causes confusion or its pronunciation is difficult; ditch it.


Intended Function

The last principle is functionality; how the brand name should perfectly sum up your business.  Your brand name should denote the fundamental function of your business.

So, when someone visiting your site sees your brand name, they already get an idea of what your business is about without being lumbered with information. If you are offering fun, quirky products, your brand name should reflect this fun, quirky nature.

An important thing to remember is that people have a very small attention span, so if your brand name doesn’t tell them what you do – they will simply forget you and navigate elsewhere to a site which is clearer.

It’s all about communication.

If you can successfully convey to your visitors what your company does in one succinct word – it reveals that your company is slick, efficient and succinct. Remember, your brand needs to do the talking for you.

When it comes to choosing a brand name for your online business, if you abide by these principles there will be no stopping you.

A single letter can truly be the difference between a brand people remember and one which people forget.  Don’t rush and think wisely, test your name out on many people before you put it in concrete; a pair of fresh ears always helps.

Some websites choose to invest in user testing. This is a great way to gain valuable feedback about your website.

You can specifically ask the testers their opinion about your branding, and whether they feel it works as a whole, and if it is engaging enough to encourage them to make a purchase through your site.


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