Give Your Business A Voice: Why A Blog Could Be The Secret To Success

There are lots of things business owners do when they first start up. They may consider what their logo will look and their brand. Design a website that is easy to use and holds a whirlwind of information about the products and services you provide. Perhaps even gaining an office premises to conduct business face to face with potential clients. But something we see more of lately is bigger corporations giving their business a voice. Enabling customers and clients to engage more. But it can also humanise your business in a way. Some companies do this through social media, and others create a blog. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways an online blog as an extension of your website can be the secret to your success.


It can help build your digital presence

One of the first things it can do is help drive traffic to your site. This is because you are giving yourself another outlet to show up in Google or other search engines results page. Especially if you consider using keywords within your blog post that you want associated with your business and that people are likely to type into a search bar. This is because when it comes to your website, it can be quite generic. You have your about page, a few categories of information and more than likely your online store. You only have a few options to be brought up when someone is hunting for you, rather than knowing you already exist. Whereas, each time you create one blog post that is another page that can be directing people to your site. Views can turn into potential leads.



It gives your customers and clients a call to action

You may ask people to engage with your blog post, perhaps comment on things and provide feedback. All of which can be invaluable information to you. But someone reading your blog post could easily be then tempted to take a look at what it is you are discussing in your article. This view can then become a lead and quite easily be turned into a sale.


It can be easily handled if you don’t have the time

You may think you don’t have the time to maintain a blog or write the posts. So if you prefer, you could give that work to an inbound marketing services could help provide you with the content, as well as taking a look at your whole digital presence. It can be a worthy investment for your business to make.


It allows you to share insider knowledge and offers

A blog to some potential customers and clients could be a way of them gaining inside information or being aware of offers before anyone else. Especially if you encourage them to sign up to your mailing list, which is another great tool to have. It’s an online sales pitch that won’t feel like on to the reader.


It’s a long-term prospect

Finally, writing one blog post and publishing it means that it is constantly there working for you and driving traffic to your website. It ranks in search engines and will be provided as a link of interest in someone’s results. Meaning while you sleep or take that holiday, your business and digital presence are still creating leads for your business.


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