Essential Tips for Promoting a Facebook Business Page

With over 1,65 billion monthly active users on its enormous site, Facebook stands tall as the single largest social networking site to ever emerge.

And the good news for Facebook fans is that the site is only going to continue to grow around the world, as countries like India, Pakistan, the UAE and other locations become more Facebook friendly.

What does this mean for you? Well, it should mean that you’re willing to bring your brand to Facebook in order to experience the growth.

There is an awful lot of money spent every year via business advertising on Facebook, and the system is set up in such a way that even the small guys can carve out their slice of the pie using the tools and methods the big boys use.

It’s cost-effective, simple enough for a novice, and the potential to create and promote a winning brand is infinite. Of course, you first need a business page.


Become Socially Involved

A fan page requires a lot of personal involvement on your end.

It’s going to require that you become very social with your page, without becoming too personal.

For instance, instead of posting photos and news about a personal vacation you took or a night out at the club, you would instead show and tell about different events and seminars and relate product/service information to the crowd.

You want to publish content that reflect your business.

However, quality Facebook content is always actionable – photos, page posts, apps, updates etc. that people want to share, comment on or simply “like”.

So you need to find the balance business and entertainment.


Select the Right Widgets

Bring Facebook to your business website and take your business website to Facebook!

With this step, you’re looking to create an interlinked web – a network that keeps people bouncing back and forth between pages you own and operate.

You can start this process by attaching different Facebook widgets to your website.

Facebook’s Developer’s page has a ton of different apps and widgets you can use to drive traffic in a social manner.

When implementing these, there won’t be a clear line between on-site and Facebook content. Your updates and posts – whether on the site or on Facebook – will instantly become “social.”



Manage Ads Properly

Your business page isn’t necessarily an ad in itself, but ads are how you’re going to attract a lot of people to your network via click-throughs.

Advertising on Facebook requires a great ad-creation and monitoring system, like a third-party app or the site’s in-house features.

You need to target, split, test, and ultimately measure and change on the fly. Ad management is crucial to your overall success, if only because you need a stream of quality traffic coming to your page.

Becoming successful in advertising your business on Facebook often takes a lot of testing and tweaking, especially if you don’t know exact who your customers are and what they respond to.

The best thing is that you’ll learn that during this process – knowledge that can be used in other forums.


Cater to a Mobile Market

Roughly 4 billion people use mobile phones that also connect to the Internet, and millions upon millions of these mobile carriers access Facebook via their phones, iPads, etc. Facebook has a system in place that allows fans to connect directly with your page via their mobile devices and vice versa.

Take advantage of this for instant, personal marketing.

All the elements of a good Facebook page, generally speaking, are important for a quality business page. The difference really comes in the content you post and how you cater to your audience from your page.

Don’t neglect to use these important factors going forward, while promoting your Facebook Business Page.


Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!


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