How To Become Successful Door-to-door Salespeople

Door-to-door salesmen are those who, with or without subordination, promote the collection of purchase orders from private consumers on behalf of companies that carry out direct home sales.

The door-to-door salesman task is to go to the consumer home and provide the explanation and demonstration of the products and services offered by the company he works for.

Usually door-to-door salesmen carry out sales activities for homes dedicated to personal care products, but they can also promote the sale of other goods including for example household appliances.

It’s a difficult activity, but it will teach you the best techniques to succeed in business. Think of companies like Global Faces Direct, which are very successful in door-to-door acquisitions, with field agents knocking on more than 100 doors per day!

Today, more and more people want to become door-to-door salesmen. It is therefore good to know the best sales techniques to succeed in making a career in the sector.

Let’s see what features the seller must have door-to-door, and what his obligations and rights are.


What qualities should you have?

There are several qualities that a door-to-door salesman must have in order to be able to sell the products he offers to customers.

In particular, the salesman must have a good dialectic in order to be able to explain to the buyer clearly and precisely what he is talking about and what features the good or service he is trying to sell.

Furthermore, the seller must always be ready to answer the questions that the customer asks him and therefore he must never be caught unprepared on the questions that concern the product he is sponsoring.

It is extremely important for the door-to-door salesman to organize a work plan before going to the consumers to avoid unpleasant surprises.


The obligations and rights

All door-to-door salesmen are obliged to always carry their identification card, which must be updated annually and which must contain a photograph of the person in charge, an indication of the site and the products covered by the company’s activity, the name of the manager of the company itself and the signature of the latter.

The card must be displayed visibly during sales operations and must be withdrawn in the event of renunciation or revocation of the assignment.

The door-to-door seller cannot, under any circumstances, collect the consideration or make discounts or deferred payments. If you are working for Anthony’s Espresso, for example, you must always consult your manager, before offering any kind of special price or conditions to the customers.

The law provides that the door-to-door seller can exercise the right to change the mind, similar to the right of withdrawal without obligation to state reasons, within 10 days from the stipulation of the contract with the company for which he works.

The person in charge of the sale in case of renouncement must therefore send a communication by registered letter to the company and return the goods and the demonstration materials eventually purchased.


The forms of commission

There are different forms of commission (the main income of a door-to-door salesman), among these we find:

  • the percentage form that is the most used, which provides a percentage of the order value. The percentage measure is left to the agreement of the parties;
  • the form of the surcharge which provides that the seller’s commission is based on the difference between the minimum selling price established by the company and the higher amount the agent can sell instead (for example: you are selling this at a price 22.00 dollars – the agent provides the order for 27.00 – commission = 5.00);
  • the fixed amount for each order that is paid for each individual transaction;
  • the mixed form┬áthat provide for the commission to be made up of a fixed part, unrelated to the procured orders, and a variable one.


Final Words

It is very common to think of door-to-door sales as a dead technique.

The new generations do not even know it exists, but what people have not yet realized is that knocking on doors is the best preparation you can receive in the field of commerce.